One stop solution of work force collaboration

At less than the cost of a coffee, every team member can be enabled to connect and collaborate with the rest of the team on real time basis. Improve collaboration, improve performance.


WorkZone OS Features

Collaboration between various departments and teams

Task allocation and follow-up between team members

Attendance capture for each employee without any Biometric device

Messaging – peer to peer, Supervisor to team members or Group Chat

Expense Claim Management from Claims to approval

Complete collaboration tool kit for all your teams and employees


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    So, What Brings You Here Today?

    We are looking for a solution to enable real-time collaboration among workforce


    We have been using a collaboration Solution, but it is not adequate for our purpose


    Why WorkZoneOS

      1. Best tool to collaborate between team members.
      2. Admin control for the team members access.
      3. When Team member joins / Exits form the company easy to administer.
      1. Every team member can login using company email Addres or phone number.
      2. Easy to use the software and Forgot password to reset the password.
      1. Deactivate once employee resigns.
      2. Add employees when they join.
      3. Allow your team members which groups they. can access.
      1. Chat facility within the company.
      2. provides an easy, cost effective way to communicate.
      3. Ensures quick resolution of issues.
      1. Allow any team member to reach any employee in the company.
      2. Allow open work place get information before directly from employees.
      3. Save time in communicating.
      4. Have person connect with important employees through one on one chat.
      1. Can create department wise groups
      2. Can send broadcast messages
      3. Can also create groups based on projects based on the people who are in the project
      4. include your clients for better communication
      1. Search All employees across the organisation
      2. Allow your teams collaborate easily
      3. Expense submission
      4. Expenses Approvals
      5. Attendance Checkin/Check out
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