Van Sales Made More Profitable

At less than the cost of a gallon petrol, Your Van Sales can be Optimized and Automated. Run your van sales on Mobile Phone. VanSalesOS comes with internal POS,Billing ,Recon and Audit features !!!


VanSales OS Features

Enables Van sales including inventory tracking in each van

Optimise route plans to improve productivity by Automating sales beats

Helps reduce the pilferage and track every penny remotely

Improves Van Sales productivity through Automation

Know stock and cash realized value while the van is on the field

Reduce pilferage with anytime audit capability in realtime


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    So, What Brings You Here Today?

    We are looking for Van Sales Automation solution with POS


    We have been using a solution, but it is not adequate for our purpose


    Why VanSalesOS

      1. Plan the beat for optimum sales.
      2. Continuous improvement in beat sales through AI.
      3. Reduce the distance travelled.
      4. Increase outlets covered.
      5. Increase the value of load carried per van.
      1. Create unique ID’s for your customers on the go.
      2. Capture all relevant details including GPS location.
      3. Scan and upload documents for verification if required.
      4. Define customer profile based category after registration.
      1. Take orders at your customer’s place.
      2. Deliver the items on the spot.
      3. Auto update the stock in Van converting the same into cash.
      1. No paper work.
      2.Print invoice instantaneously using blue tooth printers.
      1. Load money to customer’s wallet instantaneously.
      2. No cash hassles.
      1. Multiple collection options.
      2. Flexible to customer’s requirements.
      3. Can change the option instantaneously if required.
      4. Sales reps will know the customer categories.
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    Try Van Sales Optimization Software through Mobile Cloud POS.Free trial for 14 days. No credit card required.

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