Warehouse Management Made Simple with our StockRoomOS Mobile Cloud Solution.

At less than the cost of a coffee, Your Warehouse Management can be Optimized and Automated. Run your Warehouse just on Mobile Apps without any computers !!!


StockRoom OS Features

Provides live view of inventory to field sales team for placing orders

Picker module in Stockroom receives the order for pick and process

Bill,QC and Packing modules helps the smooth operations

Customers get notifications at every step on the fulfilment status

Administer and Review productivity of each warehouse staff

Easy to use warehouse Management on mobile App,No Desktops needed


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    So, What Brings You Here Today?

    We are looking to Automate our Warehouse with Mobile Apps


    We have been using a solution, but it is not adequate for our purpose


    Why StockRoomOS

      1. Central dashboard to manage the entire warehouse.
      2. Can monitor performance of all employees in Realtime.
      3. Easy to track.
      4. Can get alerts for anything not normal.
      1. Live view of the progress of work in warehouse.
      2. Eliminates unnecessary friction among teams.
      3. Reduce Cost of Doing business by improving warehouse team productivity.
      1. Fool proof mechanism to track all out going – in coming stock.
      2. Allow the same stock back in for sale.
      3. Create hot deals to sell the returned stock quicker.
      4. Reschedule delivery of returned stock when the customer is not available.
      1. Easy way for managers to control staff in warehouse.
      2. Add new Warehouse Staff and Remove.
      3. Assign different roles by changing work based on workload.
      4. Observe performance each warehouse staff member.
      1. Controlled access for creating / removing users.
      2. All actions have a separate Audit log for later monitoring.
      3. Warehouse Manager can operate and administer right from StockRoomOS mobile App.
      4. Easy to use and Manager users for security purpose.
      1. Anyone with educational qualifications can do the GRN.
      2. Reduces man power requirement.
      3. Reduce use of IT Infrastructure in Warehouse by adopting StockRoomOS Cloud Mobile Solution.
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