Intergate your sellers with your systems seamlessly

At less than the cost of a Sandwich, automate your marketplace sellers right from onboarding to product catalog management and payments


Sellers OS Features

Manage Marketplace from Seller onboarding to Final Settlement

Easy to onboard sellers through self registration on mobile App

Total transparency and visibility of orders for Sellers

Create a win-win relationship with your sellers by helping them sell more

Seller rating system based on Customer feedback

Settle payables easily through Sellers Digital Wallet Services


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    So, What Brings You Here Today?

    We are looking for a solution to onboard Sellers onto our marketplace


    We have been using a marketplace solution, but it is not adequate for our purpose


    Why SellersOS

      1. Allow your sellers update product catalog from mobile phone.
      2. Allow your sellers to accept and process the orders received in your marketplace with Mobile App.
      3. increase flexibility for your sellers to operate on your marketplace.
      1. Allow your sellers to come on board through Self registration.
      2. Define workflow to Approve Seller on boarding through remote approval process.
      3. Educate your sellers how to upload catalogue and improve sales.
      1. All sellers have their own dashboard.
      2. Sellers will know when to expect payments. No need for follow-ups.
      3. Sellers Dashboard to show Top selling products from their catalog.
      4. Allow Sellers to price the product by comparing same product sale price by other sellers.
      1. Sellers can upload stock, change stock levels, pricing etc.
      2. Orders get updated immediately.
      3. Allow your sellers to process orders on the spot.
      1. Easy and understandable Account statement for sellers.
      2. Live track of their orders and delivery status.
      3. Live track of returns and reschedules of deliveries.
      4. Live track of Processed orders for shipping.
      1. Sellers Control Panel Allows sellers to change prices on the fly.
      2. Seller control panel allows to resolve tickets opened by customers.
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    Try Seller Optimization Software from on boarding to payment recon.Free trial for 14 days. No credit card required.

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