Enable your customers to place orders themselves

At less than the cost of a coffee,  Allow your customers to order through Mobile App and Enable Ecommerce in your business this increase your Business and Reduce cost of Sales


SelfOrder OS Features

SelfOrderOS expands your order taking capabilities in Customer hands

SelfOrderOS Increases customer engagement gives Customers flexibility

Reduces Cost of Sale by allowing your customers to punch orders

SelfOrderOS enhances Customer engagement and reduces cost of sale

Alert Customers when there are deals, customize deals by customer

Enable eCommerce in your Business through Easy to use MobileApp


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    So, What Brings You Here Today?

    We are looking for Customer Self Order solution through Mobile App.


    We have been using a solution, but it is not adequate for our purpose


    Why SelfOrderOS

      1. Allow your customer to Order with scanner, reduce mistakes.
      2. Allow your customer to search products and place an order.
      3. Place order at convenience
      4. Browse at Customer’s convenience
      5. Increase basket size:
      6. Self-discovery
      7. Flexibility leads to higher basket size
      1. Your branded Ecommerce ordering App for your customers.
      2. Customizable Ordering App.
      3. Allow to see the stock levels directly from your warehouse.
      4. Reduce cost of sale:
      5. Enhance customer engagement
      6. Push notifications
      1. Allow your customers browse products and explore more information about your products.
      2. Allow Customers to see the offers when you offer any deals.
    Customers can just scan bar code using mobile phone camera and place order.
    Customer can confirm delivery location with GPS tagged to help delivery van to arrive.
    You can add or promote other products by reducing the invoice value to encourage customers to buy. more.

    Easy Checkout with multiple payment Options such as Preapid, Cash On Delivery or Credit.
    Want to try SelfOrderOS

    Try Self Order Software allow your customers order when they have time.Free trial for 14 days. No credit card required.

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