RetailersOS Helps Automate your Retail Network

At the Cost of one Coffee Your Retail Store Can be Automated and Be more Profitable with Realtime Data


Retailers OS Features

Next gen ultra-light POS Use Mobile Phones for Inward,Billing & Audit

Handy Mobile Phone or Tablet Based Cloud POS solution for your retailing

Use Mobile App for Audit check and Reorder stock easily with auto replunish

Utilise your retailspace by having flexible queue with faster checkout time

Realtime View of Cash and inventory position across all your retailstores

A simple cloud Enabled Mobile App to run your retail operations


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    So, What Brings You Here Today?

    We are looking for POS solution for our retail stores.


    We have been using a solution, but it is not adequate for our purpose


    Why RetailersOS

      1. Retailers can use their smart phone as a POS.
      2. No additional investment required.
      3. Captures all related information.
      1. Can capture all Customer data.
      2. Can serve to enhance retailers sales through assisted ecommerce and digital sales.
      3. View your stock position across the stores live.
      4. View your cash position across the stores live.
      1. Completely digitize inventory.
      2. Have all data online and capture reliable information.
      1. No other bulky. POS machines required.
      2. Have central view of your data from all stores in Real time.
      3. No Bar code scanners use mobile camera as Barcode Scanner.
      4. Low Cost for operations.
      1. Anyone can operate with no training.
      2. Intuitive and easy to operate.
      1. Retailers can have their complete business data on their mobile phones.
      2. Easy to understand dashboards and reports.
      3. Payables and receivables reports.
      4. Lot of Reports including P&L ,Stock Audit reports.
      5. Very easy understanding Dashboards.
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