Ensure smooth inward of raw material and Issuing of BOM of raw material with less cost

At less than the cost of a coffee,  Your Raw Material Store can be automated and you can optimize the stock value by leveraging RawMaterialOS and Issue material for required BOM for the day to Factory(production)Floor.


RawMaterial OS Features

Raw Material inward, quality check to GRN through Mobile App

QC check through mobile app During Raw Material receipt from Suppliers

Live view of Raw Material status on your mobile at any time

Raw material issue to Production team based on approved BOMs

Easy to Audit Raw Material in Raw Material Store any time through Mobile App.

All data Capture as per workflows,including GRN New Raw material inward


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    So, What Brings You Here Today?

    We are looking for Raw Material Store Automation Solution


    We have been using a solution, but it is not adequate for our purpose


    Why RawMaterialOS

      1. Easy process to do GRN.
      2. Any one can do the GRN.
      3. Has audit log, for tracking purpose.
      4. can map with PO and invoices.
      5. Reduces man power requirement.
      1. Easy to understand dash boards.
      2. Provides options for low level employees to take effective, timely action.
      1. Material issued report.
      2. Can be configured for auto calculation based on finished goods requirement.
      1. Facilitates audit at any point of time.
      2. Audit can happen on the work-flow basis rather than pre planned.
      1. No manual calculation required.
      2. Reduces wastage.
      1. Can audit store any time.
      2. No need to shut down operations.
      3. Gives additional leverage to supervisors for surprise audits.
      4. Ensure employees are UpToDate in their work.
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