Enable order taking via phone and increase sales

At less than the cost of a coffee,  You can increase one more channel of order taking through Phone.Phone Order OS Can reduce the cost of sale and Become more Profitable with increased Sales


PhoneOrder OS Features

Help your customers place orders through Missed call

Enables assisted sales to your customers increase your business

Transition tool to promote your customers to self-ordering

PhoneOrderOS enables activate inbound sales with predictive dailing

Reduce cost of Sales by converting Feild Sales into Call Center Sales

Enable Assisted eCommerce via phone and increase sales


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    So, What Brings You Here Today?

    We are looking for Phone Solution to take Orders from our customers


    We have been using a solution, but it is not adequate for our purpose


    Why PhoneOrderOS

      1. Allow your Inside Sales team to take orders.
      2. Reduce cost of Sales by encouraging your customers to call in for ordering.
      3. increase flexibility for your customers to order in various channels.
      1. When customer calls in for ordering Allow your tele sales person to see the customer details.
      2. Enhance customer engagement by personalizing the discussion with your customer.
      1. Reduce cost of sale by taking the order on the phone.
      2. Instead of spending time and Man power to cover limited customers per day.
      3. increase the productivity by having inside tele sales team.
      1. After taking the order allow inside sales agent to confirm delivery address.
      2. Send delivery van with proper address of delivery
      3. Save time and distance for Delivery van
      1. Phone order can be confirmed right from the mobile App
      2. Make phone order as easy possible with various payment options such as COD. or Credit.
      1. Assisted Order placement:
      2. Assist your customers to place orders
      3. Transition them to self ordering
      4. Enhance customer engagement
      5. Upsell / cross sell
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