HyperLocal Fullfilment Done Simple..

Connect your stores with your customers and enhance footfalls and sales at less than the cost of a cup of Tea


HyperLocal OS Features

Allows customer to purchase online collect at your local store

Lets your customers see inventory at your local store order online

Allow customer to collect their orders at your local franchise or Own store

Helps sell the stock in your stores while allowing customer to buy online

Implement Click n Collect buy online collect offline for your customers .

Improve customer experience by reducing wait times


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    So, What Brings You Here Today?

    We are looking for Hyperlocal Fullfilment solution


    We have been using a solution, but it is not adequate for our purpose


    Why HyperLocalOS

      1. Select nearest store based on GPS / pin code.
      2. Map to any particular store if required.
      3. Allow your customers to order from your local store and pick up or delivery locally.
      4 Enable Ecommerce for your all your stores.
      1. Your customers Can see local store catalog.
      2. Your customers Can browse catalogs from local store.
      3. Your customer can ask questions and get a response from local store.
      1. Can place order from central warehouse, for local store pickup.
      2. Increase traffic to local store.
      3. Increase sales opportunities.
      4. Reduce Logistics cost.
      1. Allow customers to order on-line and pick up locally from your store or deliver locally.
      2. Your stock sitting in your store near to customer can be sold first.
      3. No need to separate E-commerce division directly integrate with your local stores for fulfillment.
      Customer can confirm final order after review.
      1. Easy Checkout allows customers to choose from various payment options.
      2. Including Prepaid, Cash on Delivery , Pay at Pickup.
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