Optimize your production floor cash flow management

At less than the cost of a coffee, Your entire production floor Cashflow can be automated right from receiving raw material to handing over finished products. Track every penny at every stage. BOM included!!!


Factories OS Features

Automated daily requirement of Raw Material based on BOM

Material processed and data captured realtime to gauge cash position

Cash related information captured at every stage in Realtime

Real-time view of cash from Raw Material issued to production floor

Track errors and wastage Realtime interms of Cash Value

Live reports of Cash position across production floor


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    So, What Brings You Here Today?

    We are looking for a solution to track efficiency and effectiveness of Production Floor


    We have been using a Prodcution Managment solution, but it is not adequate for our purpose


    Why FactoriesOS

      1. Easy to use Lightweight Mobile App.
      2. Anyone even without educational qualification can use the App.
      3. Available in multiple global languages.
      4. Can be made available in any language.
      1. Every stage has their own dashboard.
      2. Easy to understand incoming vs out going.
      3. Easy to track wastage / losses.
      4. Department wise productivity.
      5. Employee productivity.
      6. Stage wise Wastage / loss report.
      1. Live status feed for the factory manager.
      2. Can plan his resources properly.
      1. Once programmed, requirements automatically breakdown in BOM items.
      2. No need for manual calculation.
      3. Reduces wastage.
      1. All requests done through mobile app.
      2. Every user has distinct login ID making it easy to track.
      3. Can be configured for auto-alerts and triggers.
    Accept raw material accepted by the person who uses.
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