Optimize logistics cost leveraging technology and artificial intelligence

At less than the cost of a gallon of petrol, Your logistics operations can be automated and optimized end to end. Simple technology. Easy to use.


Deliveries OS Features

Create optimised pre-defined beat for your deliveries

Upto 30% more load a day per van. Improve efficiency of your vans

Live tracking of delivered and cash collected at any instant

Optimizes route planning, improving fuel efficiency & Less delivery cost

Live tracking of vans ensures security of assets and Improve efficiency

Improve Delivery assets productivity by at least 30% or more


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    So, What Brings You Here Today?

    We are looking for Delivery Automation solution which could optimize our logistics costs.


    We have been using a solution, but it is not adequate in optimizing Routes & Logisitcs cost


    Why DeliveriesOS

      1. Load , distance, Volume based optimization.
      2. Reduce travel costs.
      3. Carry more goods or more value.
      4. Reduce cost of doing business with optimized routing options.
      1. Automated messages to customers.
      2. Enhances delivery completion rate.
      3. Reduces return possibilities.
      4. Real time data right from the field to know the status of deliveries.
      1. Allow Delivery Executive to cross check ordered vs delivery to collect right amount.
      2. Report on the spot of missing or damage items thus reduce Shrinkage.
      3. Report customer confirmation along with the delivery executive confirmation for missing items.
      4. Upload of proof of missing items right from the field.
      1. Allow delivery team to inform upcoming offers to motivate customers for more orders.
      2. Delivery executive also can be Sales person thus improve touch points for your customer to order.
      3. Inform your customers about the offers during delivery for increasing sales.
      1. Every penny is tracked from collecting from customer to handing over the same at office.
      2. See the live view of cash handled by each delivery van any given time.
      3. Restrict not to collect more than pre-defined amount to reduce your insurance cost.
      4. Set collection limit for each delivery boy to reduce the risk.
      1. Track your delivery van live where they are.
      2. Track the path and kilo meters travelled for comparing Fuel bills.
      3. Have clear on all your assets any given time in live.
      4. Let your customers see status of their order through maps to estimate expected delivery time.
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