CallCenterOS enables you to better engage with your customers

At less than the cost of a coffee,  Your Voice Call Center Can be Automated and Be more productive in inbound sales, Marketing , Customer services , Partner connect and many more incluidng your office internal extentions as PBX


CallCenter OS Features

Works seamlessly for customerService,Marketing and PhoneOrders

Connects StockRoom or call center to field teams or customers

Engage your customers even with MissedCall feature

Bridge your customers and call center with Click to call options

Manage all your Voice based services with log of voice communication

Complete voice toolkit for Employees,Customers and partners.


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    So, What Brings You Here Today?

    We are looking for cloud based Callcenter solution.


    We have been using a solution, but it is not adequate for our purpose


    Why CallCenterOS

      1. Is accessible through touch of a button.
      2. Complete tracking system ensures quick resolution of tickets.
      Each agent profile can be configured and mapped to beats.
      1. Customer’s history will be pulled up based on the mobile number of unique ID.
      2. Opportunity to upsell / cross sell on the spot.
      3. Helps in building relationships.
      1. Can be configured to generate agent wise reports.
      2. Easy and accurate mechanism to evaluate and rate performance.
      3. Can design incentive mechanisms.
      4. Transparent rating system.
      1. Can cover customers multiple times.
      2. Reduces agent down time and helps improve customer engagement time.
      1. Self performance dashboard.
      2. Establishes transparent evaluation mechanism.
      3. Provides scope to improve on daily basis.
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