Our Leadership

  • Bharath Bhushan

    Bharath Bhushan Reddy

    Founder & CEO

Our Board of Directors

  • Bharath Bhushan

    Bharath Bhushan Reddy

  • Krishna Lakamsani

    Krishna Lakamsani

Our Mentors

Life is a Journey, During this journey, we meet many people but we treat a few of them as Gurus. Those few are important people to recognize because Gurus always available to guide when you need them.

  • Kishore Ganji

    Kishore Ganji

  • Enzo Micali

    Enzo Micali

  • Rajiv Prakash

    Rajiv Prakash

  • Venkitesh Krishnan

    Venkitesh Krishnan

Our Team

Coming Together is Beginning, Keeping Together is Progress, Working Together is Success.
We are a young and dynamic team Enabling Business to run smoothly with Artificial Intelligence enabled Mobile Cloud Software.
With a vast combined experience of 100+ man-years on various fields, our team consists of international experience, Qualifications bundled with previous experience in running Multinational Software Solutions Enterprise

  • Veera

    Veera Ch
    Technology Lead


  • Vijay

    Vijay Sharma
    Project Delivery Lead


  • Vishwa

    Vishwa Sagar
    Systems Engineer


  • Bhanu Gadiparthi

    Bhanu Gadiparthi
    Test Engineer


  • Arpit Malviya

    Arpit Malviya
    Jr Software Engineer


  • Disha Mehta

    Disha Mehta
    Company Secretary


  • Sandeep Konchada

    Sandeep Konchada
    Jr Software Engineer


  • Surya Posirao

    Surya Posirao
    Software Engineer


  • Bala Krishna

    Bala Krishna
    Jr Software Engineer


  • Amrapalee

    Inside Sales Manager


  • Vijay Tanneeru

    Vijay Tanneeru
    Sr Software Engineer


  • Manoj Kumar

    Manoj Kumar
    HR Executive


Our Investors